Darren Finley is an ex Corporal who served in the Light Infantry, The Royal Green Jackets and is a proud ‘Chosen Man’. Fifteen years after leaving the Army, his best friend took her own life after a long struggle with depression and alcohol. His emotional fuel tank emptied, unlocking the door to different traumas, long-buried. It took several years of confusion and mental struggles before a PTSD diagnosis was delivered. And six years on for the real traumas from much earlier times to reveal themselves.

The mental struggles are not over. But despite this, Darren considers himself one of the ‘lucky ones’. He recognised he needed help to cope and face each day. He found that help through counselling, family and peer support, grounding techniques and coping mechanisms.


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SITREP The Veterans Journal

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I have vivid memories and a creative and ‘arty’ (yes it a word coz I just wrote it) mind. As a veteran ’87 – ’00, 13 years infantry service, I’ve been there, carried it, got webbing burns from it and therefore done it! So who better to recreate your 2D photo into 3d scale model.   You may only have a memory you want to bring to life, let’s have a chat and let me ‘crack on’! 

Modelling Military Memories